Terry Vavra


The Customer Delight Principal

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The Customer Delight Principal

Timothy L. Keiningham and Terry G. Vavra, 2001
The American Marketing Association and McGraw-Hill, New York
ISBN 0658010042
Also available in Mandarin and Spanish editions.

Techniques to move your customers beyond mere satisfaction - to delight - at every point of contact. Global competition today is fierce, and customers who are merely satisfied with your company's products or services will soon be lured away by your competition. The Customer Delight Principle reveals how today's leading marketers consistently retain and grow their customer bases – by moving beyond satisfaction to discover and fill each customer's unseen yet essential needs. Comprehensive in scope yet focused in treatment, this book reveals how to dramatically increase your organization's positive customer experiences, virtually eliminate the negative, and drive your customers to new levels of repeat purchasing, loyalty, and sheer delight.

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