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Improving Your Measurement Of Customer Satisfaction

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Improving Your Measurement Of Customer Satisfaction

Terry G. Vavra, 1997
American Society for Quality, Milwaukee, WI; 800-246-1948
ISBN 0873894057

Written to answer almost every issued faced by the customer satisfaction professional, this definitive book will help to improve the structure and content of your satisfaction program. It provides the rationale, identifies specific opportunities and suggests distinct programs to improve the measurement of customer satisfaction in your organization.

Serving as a single reference for customer satisfaction measurement technology, the book describes and teaches the five critical skills that should be part of your measurement process:

  • Sampling and customer-participation selection
  • Questionnaire design
  • Interviewing and survey administration
  • Data analysis
  • Quality function deployment – building action plans

Virtually no other book covers as many techniques for customer satisfaction measurement. Some of the new techniques are key driver analysis, expectational analysis, verbatim analysis and reporting, and graphing results. Packed with numerous figures and tables, it explains all the basics of satisfaction measurement but also includes more complex forms of analysis and interpretation such as global surveying, significance testing, and analysis of advanced statistical techniques.

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