Terry’s Topics

Merely Satisfied Customers Will Put You Out of Business

Terry tells you why satisfied customers can literally do your business in. He examines the truths underlying customer satisfaction and its links to the bottom line and shows why satisfaction just isn’t enough. Your organization needs to strive for delighted customers to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. Terry’s process motivates audiences to prioritize their actions moving their customers from pain to delight. He offers challenges and chuckles as he does so.

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Aftermarketing: Six Key Tools for Effective CRM

As one of the first consultants to warn the business community that the key to survival isn’t acquisition marketing, Terry brings world-acknowledged credentials to this discussion of retention marketing. Listen as he describes six tools that are critical components for an effective customer retention initiative. Terry shows successes, failures and the purely ridiculous. A presentation that will motivate through practical insights and entertaining anecdotes.

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Shattering the Myths of Customer Loyalty

Most of what you’ve heard about customer loyalty is either wrong or highly exaggerated. Terry shows why and then offers five key learnings to make customer loyalty really work for your organization. This presentation shocks, entertains and enlightens audiences ranging from CEOs of Fortune-listed companies to private entrepreneurs. Terry offers a critical message in times when loyalty is being looked upon as a business panacea.

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